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At Bramleys we understand how unique and individual your property is and we also appreciate that homes of quality need a bespoke approach to marketing.

Bramleys' Prestige Package has been created to provide your property with the additional extra attention it deserves.

Prestige Brochure

Bespoke Brochure

A high quality laminated bespoke brochure provides crisp and clear photography displaying your property in the best possible light to our prospective purchasers.

Premium Listings

Statistics show that by adding your property as a premium listing on Rightmove it generally increases the number of views by approximately 40%.

We have also found with our own website a similar increase in activity on properties taking up the option of the premium listing.

Premium Listing

Aerial Photography

This is a most unusual additional tool in our photography armoury that is advantageous for larger properties with grounds and surrounding countryside. It allows a more comprehensive overview of the property taking full advantage of the surrounding vista.

Premium Listing

Video Tours

Creating a video tour using the existing images allows the prospective purchaser to benefit from a virtual 'walk through' of your property.

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