The haunted buildings of Huddersfield

The haunted buildings of Huddersfield
29th October 2021

The Royal and Ancient Pub

Said to be one of the most haunted pubs in Yorkshire, the Royal and Ancient Pub has become infamous for its spooky sightings - so much so that it became the centre of a paranormal investigation in 2011. The Colne Bridge pub, which was temporarily used as a morgue for 18 children killed in a mill fire, is said to be haunted by a particularly aggressive former landlord. Staff have reported ghostly figures being spotted around the pub, as well as items moving independently.

Haunted building

Woodsome Hall

Now home to a golf club, Woodsome Hall, based in the quiet village of Almondbury, has a ghost story that dates all the way back to 1967. The ominous mansion is said to be haunted by James Rimmington, the Hall’s steward who died at the property. According to local legend, this ghost was seen riding on horseback on Woodsome Lane before being laid to rest by the local priests.

Haunted building

Lawrence Batley Theatre

One of the most recognisable buildings in Huddersfield, Lawrence Batley Theatre is a Huddersfield institution, and one with a macabre past. Local historians uncovered that The Cellar Theatre was used as a crypt for the Methodist Church, with more than 80 bodies exhumed in the 1970s. Although the bodies were laid to rest, staff have reported some ghostly goings-on, from lights switching on and off, locked doors opening by themselves and a paranormal Victorian figure appearing in the corridors.

Haunted building

The Gasworks Club

According to Huddersfield folklore, drinkers at the Gasworks Club may be joined by the apparition of Old Joe, a Victorian worker bargeman who threw himself into the canal after falling ill and having to give up work. If you happen to be walking on Gasworks Street on a cold and dark night, keep an eye out for a ghostly figure who jumps into the water- if you hear no subsequent splash, it’s likely you have met the resident ghoul.

9 Colders Green

Nestled in the peaceful village of Meltham lays 9 Colders Green, where, in 1961, a family reported some very strange happenings in their home. According to the Examiner, the family at the time complained that the council house was home to ‘a ghostly figure of a tall, middle-aged woman’. The family first saw the ghost on Good Friday, where the wife claimed the ‘big and horrid’ ghost touched her face. Neighbours also claimed to have seen the ghost, who the family were convinced is the apparition of an aunt who had died some years ago. Thankfully, the family called in the experts and held a seance, of which afterwards they claimed to have the best night sleep they had in months!

Thankfully, we are pleased to report we have no haunted properties listed for sale or rent! Happy Halloween, we hope you keep safe celebrating the scariest weekend of the year.

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