The cost of living like Emily in Paris revealed

The cost of living like Emily in Paris revealed
23rd November 2021

With over 58 million people tuning into Emily in Paris season one, and the audience demand reaching 4.4 times more than the average Netflix show, season two of the comedy-drama is set to be just as popular ¹. 

Following a 147% increase in interest for the term “Emily in Paris” and a 100% increase in Interest for “how to move to Paris” between October and November this year ², our new study delves into the true cost of living like Emily in Paris.

According to our study, Emily’s total living expenses for the full year comes to a staggering €133,845; this cost can be broken down into the following ³:

  • Apartment rent- 20,400 

  • Electric/gas - 898

  • Travel - 730 

  • Breakfast - 912

  • Lunch - 5,475

  • Dinner - 10,950 

  • Health insurance - 480 

  • Clothing - €94,000

Emily in Paris living expenses

Taking into account Emilly’s job, where she works as a social media strategist at a boutique marketing agency, Emily earns around €60,000 a year. With this in mind, and considering her cost of living over the entire year, Emily spends €73,845 over her annual income; that is, of course, if she buys a whole new wardrobe once the new year rolls around. So, is Emily in Paris actually in debt? 

Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Place de l’Estrapade, Emily lives in a small Parisian apartment. Although the property is small, it is located in a neighbourhood a stone’s throw away from the Pantheon, making Emily’s area an expensive location to live in. This type of flat in Paris can cost at least 1,700 per month, which works out at 20,400 per year.

Food is an integral part of French culture, and Emily reflects this in her daily visits to the local patisserie, lunch stops at cosy cafes and dinner at Parisian bistros. Every morning Emily buys a pan au chocolat from La Boulangerie Moderne, and with the average cost of this pastry coming in at €2.50, the total cost over the year comes in at €912.50. Alongside this, her lavish lunches in cafes and delicious dinners in restaurants come to a total of €16,425 a year. 

Emily is hardly seen travelling on trains and buses, but she is seen regularly in different locations. Therefore, it’s expected that Emily will spend around €730 a year getting around the city. 

According to fashion gurus who have analysed Emily’s wardrobe in depth⁴, the young social media strategist has spent a whopping €94,000 on clothes! From channel coats to Ganni dresses, the fashionista is often found wearing head-to-toe French designers, so it’s not a surprise her wardrobe comes with a hefty price tag. 

Huddersfield vs Paris

Keeping these figures in mind, along with Emily’s salary, calculations show she could be in debt, and we’re not surprised - €1,700 a month for an apartment seems steep. 

Like Paris, Huddersfield is packed full of culture. The historical Yorkshire town is home to a renowned football team and many famous stars, such as Lena Headey and Patrick Stewart. As well as this, Huddersfield is packed full of stunning homes; whether you’re on the lookout for a rental property or to buy, you can get a lot for your money in the northern town, especially if you’re on an Emily in Paris budget.  

In Huddersfield, you could get a desirable three bedroom family home for an average price of £893 per calendar month¹. This on average works out as £500 less than the apartment Emily rents in Paris, which only has one bedroom and an open living area. 

Whilst Emily’s apartment is in a desirable location with bars and restaurants surrounding the area, the Huddersfield area can offer this too. The three or four bedroom family homes available in the suburbs of Huddersfield are ideal for people who enjoy living in an environment that feels fairly rural but is a short distance away from lively bars, restaurants, boutiques and cultural venues. 

In Lindley, for example, you can expect to find a high street packed full of popular cafes, beauticians, gifts shops, bakeries and stylish pubs, which would give Paris a run for its money. The small village is also in close proximity to plenty of PR and marketing agencies, so if you are interested in a social media strategist career like Emily, this area could be the one for you. 

What is it really like living in France?

The series has previously left people questioning if Emily lives a realistic and feasible life in France. Considering Emily’s living expenses and the worry of the house buying process in France, Brits thinking about moving to the country could be slightly put off. 

Following this, we spoke to Lee McLaughlan, a PR consultant who made the move from the UK to France three years ago and highlighted that the cost of living in the country isn’t as expensive as Emily makes out and that the house buying process is relatively straightforward:

The move was pretty straightforward as we already owned a property. There was no complicated paperwork involved at the time of our move as the UK was still in the EU. It was a case of just sorting the removal van, sorting the pet passports for our two cats to come with us and just go! The paperwork is more to do with working here, registering for the health system and having everything in place to live here. When buying a house in France, the key part is seeing it and seeing the village/town and the area to ensure it is where you want to live.

“I work from home – so no commute. The lifestyle is more relaxed and more family and friends orientated. I can live mortgage-free in France, which would have taken me another ten years to achieve at the very least in the UK.

“There’s a general feeling on the social media forums that France is more expensive, but I think it depends on the lifestyle you want to lead”. 

Should you move to Paris?

Moving house or renting somewhere new is a significant change to deal with, especially if this involves moving across countries! 

Paris is a highly desirable destination to live in and Emily indeed sells the city as luxurious and fun. Still, it’s essential not to get too dragged into this if you are Brit considering making the move. 

Before setting your heart on Paris, we would suggest looking at other, more economical areas in France that would provide you with a similar lifestyle and experience, but more cost-effective. 

Take your time and research different cities, towns and villages to find the best option for you as the people who live in these locations might live differently from how you’re used to and that might not be what you’re looking for. 

In this case, looking at UK towns such as Huddersfield, providing home to many vibrant villages which share some similarities with Paris could save you a lot of money without comprising the Parisian lifestyle.



  2. Google trends data for the term “Emily in Paris” and “how to move to Paris” correct as of November 2021

  3. Study figures calculated by researching the average price of living costs in Paris 

  4. Money Minds on Youtube 

  5. Average = Price of property ÷ number of properties available, correct as of November 21st 2021

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