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Valuation matters to us all. Valuations underpin nearly all financial decisions from simple property purchases to major investment and corporate finance transactions or stock exchange listings. In short, all those who occupy, own, develop or trade in today's sophisticated economy rely on competent and impartial valuers.

Bramleys is one of the leading suppliers of valuation services to the industrial and commercial market within the West Yorkshire area. Our clients include high street banks, investment companies, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, PLC’s and private individuals and can provide valuations for a range of purposes including:-

  • Acquisition:- Bramleys can provide acquisition valuation advice as part of the buying process.
  • Accounts:- Bramleys can prepare valuations for inclusion in financial statements prepared in accordance with the UK Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and as required within FRS15.
  • Appraisal:- Bramleys can provide valuations for the sales and lettings of properties.
  • Taxation:- Whether planning for retirement, assessing obligations under Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax Bramleys can assist.
  • Probate: Property is often the highest value asset held by any estate and accordingly for probate purposes it is important that its value is assessed accurately. Bramleys are able to provide valuations as part of the procedure of obtaining a Grant of Probate for Inheritance Tax purposes.
  • Matrimonial:- As part of any matrimonial break up it may be necessary to accurately assess the value of assets to agree a suitable division. Bramleys can provide valuations for either party or are happy to accept joint instructions. Bramleys are also recommended by the local Crown and County Courts in the preparation of valuations for acrimonious divorce proceedings in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.
  • Arbitration/dispute resolution:- Bramleys have extensive experience in producing reports for Dispute Resolution and can act competently and professionally for either party in producing the valuation as part of negotiation or alternatively, can act as Expert Witness in preparing reports for Court Hearings either jointly or acting for either party.
  • Secured lending:- Bramleys is appointed to the majority of high street bank panels to provide valuations for secured lending purposes.

As part of its commitment to protect the public interest and to ensure that all valuation advice is to the highest professional standards, RICS introduced a Valuer Registration Scheme in April 2011. The scheme assures the quality of valuations - a key component underpinning most economic activity and raised credibility of its valuers. It provides clients with a clearly identifiable designation for the best regulated and qualified professionals in the field.

The Bramleys team consists of 7 Chartered Surveyors of which 5 are RICS Registered Valuers and Bramleys is an RICS Regulated Firm.

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