A buyer will make up their mind about your home within the 1st minute of arriving at your property.

Take a walk outside and put yourself in a buyer’s shoes.

Will they see a well kept and loved home that they could be happy in?

One that is worth the price they are asking, or one that you may have fallen out of love with?

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1st Impressions Count!

How to give your home the right first impression when you are looking to sell.

Here are our experienced teams top tips to make buyers fall in love before they even step over the threshold.


Is your garden gate intact? Does it shut properly? Is it painted and not creaking? Is it even there at all?!

Proper entrances that are secure not only provide a feeling of security but also they mark out boundaries so a buyer can immediately tell what land is included with the sale.


If you have off street parking does it look like car heaven or car hell?

Make sure it’s weeded if its gravel, swept and jet washed if it’s concrete and looks like the asset it is to your home.

If it’s quite a large space will it benefit from a couple of planters at the ends?

When you have viewings park off your drive or go out and let the agent attend. This allows a buyer to walk the length of the drive with ease and really visualise your parking area.


Is your property fenced? Are boundaries clearly marked? Get any panels that have been victim to stormy weather fixed and don’t underestimate the look of a good coat of creosote on your fence.

Don’t be afraid to go a little bold, muted blues and greens can make a brilliant fence colour. Check out the ranges at DIY stores.


Gardens are not at their best in the Winter months but you can easily add bits of colour and greenery easily.

Dwarf trees in pots like bay trees make a striking feature around doors as do Topiary. Colourful ceramic containers planted with bedding and other already flowering plants can be dotted along borders and front entrances for instant appeal.


If your gardens are lawned then pick as dry a day as possible to tackle the 1st cut of the year. Weed the borders and tidy up any plants that have had a crazy growth spurt and need thinning out. Clean and wipe down cobwebs from any furniture.

No grass to contend with? If you have outside space make sure the garden furniture is arranged as best you can and is clean, wipe it down from cobwebs and dirt so that come the better weather a buyer can imagine sitting in that chair with a cool drink.

Coloured stone, and gravel is useful and can be used to hide rough muddy areas that are prone to weeds.

If it’s in need of a few plants then don’t be afraid to add some in pots, that way you can take them with you when you move.


Beware of the dog signs are not welcoming. Remove them if possible.

Make sure any mess from pets in the garden is clear & tidy including toys, hutches and bones. Not everyone is a pet lover.

When you have viewings go out and walk your dog, and let the estate agent accompany the viewer, it’s easier all round and better for your dog who will be feeling stressed at strangers on their territory.

Front Door

Your front door tells the tale of what is behind. Is it smart, glossy and commanding? Is the door furniture free from rust?

Is your house number visible at the front of your house? Imagine a viewer that can’t find your home, being stressed about being late for their appointment will not set them in the right frame of mind for buying.

If your door has seen better days ask yourself whether the investment now of a few hundred pounds from an online retailer of DIY store is a worthwhile choice to maximise those offers. You have to speculate to accumulate as the saying goes.

Do you have an outside light and is it working? Check the bulb as evenings are still dark and no one wants to trip over as they make their way to your home.

Buy a new mat, it’s welcoming and will prevent muddy footprints.

Garage Door

If you have a garage, what’s the door looking like? Wash it down, wipe away any cobwebs and give the hinges a good squirt of wd40 so there are no squeaks that shout neglect!


Take a look at your external window frames and any fascias. Are they clean? Wipe them down and give them a lick of paint if they need freshening up. Clean the glass too.


If possible these should not be a focal point! Try to find a place you can keep them around the back of your home so they are not the 1st thing you see. It will make for better photos for brochures and the internet too. They naturally get a little smelly and no viewer wants to start off looking at your home with a blast of bin air!

Our team would love to come and see you to discuss your move. Get in touch to make an appointment.

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