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  • Signboard - A for sale board is your own personal advertisement. We want to make sure it stays clean and prominent. If it is not let us know.
  • Paths and drives - Keep drives and paths clear, not just weed free but free of children's toys and garden tools. So the prospective buyers have a clear approach.
  • Garage - Garages have a habit of housing more than just your car! Have a good clear out because cluttered garages look smaller than they really are.
  • Paint work - Clean doors, windows and sparkling paintwork all give your house a well cared for look.
  • Gardens - A neat garden will work wonders. Keep lawns trim and weed the borders. If you move before you sell your house arrange for someone to look after the garden in your absence.
  • The dustbin area - Make sure all rubbish is bagged or in bins.
  • Roof and gutters - Make sure any slipped or broken slates or tiles are attended to, and that gutters and down pipes are sound.
  • Fences - Check out fencing, check that the garden gate opens and closes easily.
  • Pets - Keep pets under control, not everyone likes animals! The best idea is to arrange for dogs to be taken for a walk when you're expecting buyers.


  • Kitchen - Making sure that all work surfaces, cupboards and the floor are clean and tidy. Clear away dirty dishes.
  • Bathroom - Fix or replace any loose or missing tiles. If the taps are dripping get them fixed.
  • Bedrooms - Don't leave clothes about. Keep them neatly stored away in a wardrobe and if it's a built in wardrobe. Keep the inside tidy as it may be inspected. Make sure the beds are neatly made.
  • Lighting - The right lighting at the right time can make all the difference. At night make sure your rooms are attractively lit and in the daytime let the sunshine in.
  • Repair - Make your own inspection and check for such things as faulty door handles, doors that stick – have them fixed before prospective buyers arrive.
  • The fireplace - When the weather is cold, if you have an open fire, have the fire burning to create a warm friendly atmosphere.
  • Decorations - A well decorated house will always sell better than one badly decorated- brighten up faded decorations, touch up chips or marks.

Remember when you move...

  • Cancel Newspapers, milk and any other deliveries and reorder at your new address.
  • Have a gas, water and electricity meter read and final accounts sent.
  • Ask for a final phone, cable, broadband account and apply for connection/takeover at your new home.
  • Arrange with the post office for mail to be forwarded
  • Inform your bank, insurance companies, friends, relatives and all those in regular contact of your change of address.
  • Tell the local authority of your move, obtain any refund of council tax.
  • Arrange to leave keys for the new owner to collect.

For any further handy hints, ask the professionals


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