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7 Super Savvy Home Moving Tips For 2017

Do Your Research!

Treat your area research much like planning your summer holiday!

  • Where do you actually want to live? You think you know, but have you considered all the options available. Speak to friends and family but remember it’s your home and your decision.
  • Ask yourself what’s important to you?
  • Do you need good schooling, if not then you could save tens of thousands buying out of the sought after catchment area’s and make your money go further.
  • How much can you actually afford, and can you get a mortgage, we’ll go into more detail on that in “Think about the finance”.
  • How long are you likely to stay living there and what considerations for the future do you need to think about?
  • Where do you need to commute to? Be realistic about just how long it can take in rush hour, do a test drive to see whether it’s a time frame you can deal with everyday and also don’t forget to factor in the costs of your work commute into your overall budget considerations.
  • What type of home do you want? There will be some areas where certain styles and size are more in abundance than others, this availability will influence the price you pay.

For example in an area of predominantly older terraced homes if you must have off street parking, it’s going to be much tougher to find the right home as fewer will exist so you need to prioritise your desires in your house hunt. 

Think About The Finance.

Amazingly there are still plenty of people out there, that despite tighter lending controls, Brexit and other factors don’t look at their finances first.

Self employment, contracts, benefits, loans, maintenance, credit history and all types of other transactions in your personal finances can affect how a lender views you as a risk.

Speaking face to face with an expert mortgage advisor who can search the marketplace for the best deal and also confirm how much you can borrow is absolutely the right 1st step when you are looking to buy.

This saves you time, money and potentially a whole load of disappointment, whilst giving you piece of mind. 

Meet Some Agents!

There really is no substitute for doing what we human's do best and having a chat! It's brilliant to have a decent relationship with your estate agent whether you are buying or selling.

  • If you are selling, remember this, your property is very likely to be your most valuable asset.
  • You need to trust the estate agent doing the job for you especially as you will be working with them for some months.
  • Look around your area, who’s got the sold boards, who are you aware of as a brand. If you can see them in your local area then so can your potential buyers.
  • Invite them round ( we’re not a fan of internet only agents surprisingly, online selling is fine for ebay but this is your home people! Spend more to get more!)

Ask yourself (& don’t be afraid to ask them) these questions.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Have they got comparable evidence of similar homes like yours?
  • What are their staff like, do they have professional qualifications, have they been with the company a long time?
  • Will they accompany viewings?
  • How does their after sales process work? An expert estate agent will have a strong bond with solicitors and be a master at getting the most complicated sales through based on years of experience (and probably the grey hairs to prove it)
  • How do they market your home? Multi channel marketing will give your home far more exposure and opportunity to get the best price so look at local presence, offices, websites, and social media.

Most of this applies as a buyer too, think about who you want to go through the process of buying with and who you trust to buy from.

Yes, house buying and selling is naturally stressful like any change but if you choose wisely you will definitely alleviate some of the pain!

Absolutely do not choose who sells your most valuable asset based on the size of their fee. You get what you pay for and no one expects Prosecco for the price of pop.

Get What You Really Want.

You’ve done your research, you’ve got your wish list. Go after your heart's desire. It’s your home and your hard earned cash to spend.

Don't take too long to make decisions, if it's a good property that ticks the boxes for you, it's likely to do the same for others. Beat them to it! 

Work with your estate agent and talk to them. They should have vast experience (Bramleys have been in business since 1958!) and know what’s coming onto the market way before you will see it on any website. A good agent will be like your best friend if you let them.

Get out viewing and actually look at these homes in the flesh. A set of details can only represent it so far. If you internet shop from companies like Amazon you will understand this better than anyone, what you buy and what comes through the door can be vastly different, & don't get me started on the packaging!

Be Realistic.

Realism is double edged when it comes to property, it equates to what you want to buy vs what you have to spend, and how much your home is worth.

If everything you see in your price range is 2 bedroom and you need 3, are you looking for the impossible, you may need to compromise on other factors or look in a cheaper area.

Likewise if you need a certain figure to move or an estate agent has given you a figure that doesn't match up to the sales evidence in the area, you are likely to be disappointed.

It’s far better to be honest with yourself from the onset and push for the best you can do within what the property market in the area dictates.

Remember an experienced estate agent will help you negotiate on what you buy to and what you sell for, let their expertise help you.

Don’t Give Up.

Moving is the 3rd most stressful thing after death and divorce. There will definitely be times when you will wonder if it’s worth it. You might struggle to find what you really want. You might go into rented to wait for the right home. Your sale or purchase might fall through.

You’ve followed our super savvy tips so you're working with the right agent, keep talking to us. We’ve been through it before, we have lot’s of ways we can help and probably some good stories to make you feel better.

It will happen, we are great believers in fate and before you know it you’ll be carrying boxes into your lovely new home, we promise!

Bramleys have been selling and letting homes in Kirklees and Calderdale for nearly 60 years and we would love to help you find the home of your dreams. Get in touch

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