How A Great Estate Agent Is Like A Great Athlete

How A Great Estate Agent Is Like A Great Athlete
9th August 2016

The RIO Olympics is well underway and there is so much to admire and be proud about those seemingly super human participants. 

Their goal for so many years to get to the top of their game and be the best at what they do. Seriously admirable in so many ways.

 So what attribute's do great estate agent's share with great athletes?


The property market is ever changing. There are high's and low's which are well documented and ultimately create headlines.

A great estate agent knows, like an athlete that they must change the way they do things in order to stay ahead.

New training regimes, new skills, and new mediums are often required. Being flexible to new & better things is key for survival.

Being good is never enough

Like an athlete a great estate agent won't be happy to just be "good", their motivation lies with being recognised as the best.

They may not have medals round their neck and a cheering stadium but they will have a town full of sold boards and an office full of thank you cards.

The key emotional attribute of motivation to be the best, is the same whether it's at selling homes or breaking records!

You never stop learning

Athletes train for hours a day, they are coached, they watch past performances of their own as well as their competitors.

A great estate agent recognises the importance of never being complacent. They invest in training their staff to ensure they have the best qualifications. They review their business practices against their competition to ensure they are getting it right. Tthey listen to their customers feedback.

Their customer acts much like an athletes coach does, they are open to feedback to be the best they can be.

Consistency is key to success

Great athletes are monitored constantly and are accountable for each and every performance. They have a strong mental focus of their desired result.

A great estate agent is completely focused on getting the best result for their client from a correct valuation, to a completed sale. Success drives them and they know that you are really only as good as your last deal!

Client satisfaction drives them to be consistently great as an estate agent.

Focus is everything

An athlete lives for their sport and makes sacrifices every day to succeed in it.

A great estate agent lives, breathes, and sleeps, property. At any gathering you are likely to find them talking shop.

On holiday they will have to look in every estate agents window at property prices. You know the person looking at the architecture of the local landmarks is likely to be an estate agent. They can't help themselves when they squeeze another appointment in their diary, they are inherently focused.

Positivity & confidence are not to be underestimated

To be the best in your field whether sport or anything els,e requires self belief and the ability to turn up and carry on whatever the obstacles that are thrown at you.

You can't throw in the towel no matter what. An athlete doesn't think for one moment that they may not ever win that medal, just like a great estate agent never thinks that there is ever a house that cannot be sold, or a situation that cannot be resolved.

As they say in sport, no pain, no gain!

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