Bramleys Top 10 Tips To Get Your Home Sales Ready

Bramleys Top 10 Tips To Get Your Home Sales Ready
21st March 2016

The evenings are lighter and the weekends warmer so if you are looking to put your house on the market, these extra hours can be the ideal time to get your home looking its best ready for marketing.

Our team who have hundreds of years experience between them have put together Bramleys top tips for what to get done to maximise your homes value and make it stand out from the crowd.

First Impressions matter!

Kerb appeal, the garden needs to be looking fab and with some colour too. Plant the pots, add a few baskets and mow the lawn and weed the garden.

If you have pets, make sure they are cleared up after. Get your garden furniture out, it's coming to the time of year where your garden becomes an extension to your home. It needs to be presented as additional living space.

Think Frontage!

Sweep the drive and clear the leaves from around the front door, wash the door itself and the garage door too.  You usually imagine what's outside reflects what's inside!

Spring Air! 

Open the windows and give your house a little airing whilst you are busy inside. This will help get rid of DIY smells as well as musty winter ones from keeping the heat in.

Keeping your home airtight can encourage mould and mildew so opening the windows will help alleviate this problem.

Get your Marigolds on!

Give every room a good clean, one by one. A good tip to stop yourself getting sidetracked is to close yourself into the room you are cleaning and not come out until its done!

Always Look up and down when you are cleaning, remove the winter cobwebs, dust and wipe the windows and sills down where they may be discoloured.


See to any unfinished DIY jobs around the house and garden, dripping taps, broken fences, pressure washing driveway/patios, changing light bulbs, is there a fresh lick of paint needed anywhere? Write a list going from room to room so you know exactly what needs doing. Be honest with yourself, what would you notice that would put you off?

A Place For Everything:

De-clutter to show that your house has plenty of storage and space, and try to de-personalise by storing away belongings where possible.

Viewers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. It's a good chance to have a good clear out prior to moving anyway. Sell the good stuff on ebay or Facebook or donate it to the charity shops.

Call in the Professionals!

Some outstanding maintenance jobs in your home will potentially worry buyers and could make them think that there are other issues.

Leaks, guttering, overgrown vegetation, slipped tiles, all send out the wrong message to a buyer. Spending on some professional works will pay off in the long run as buyers are less likely to take this off the asking price when you are marketing. Speculate to accumulate and maximise what you can achieve on your sale.

Hone your Inner Interior designer:

The little details help and don't have to cost a fortune, a new bedding set, fresh cut flowers, scented candles, a lamp, some new cushions. You are going to take them with you anyway, and they can really pull together a room and make it more presentable,

Think Showhomes:

Builders sell new houses using Showhomes, an aspirational lifestyle presented room by room. Whilst this is an extreme example, what lifestyle are you presenting?

 If you have empty rooms or rooms being used for a different purpose, we would recommend thinking about changing them back to their original purpose .  Buyers can find it difficult to imagine where furniture would go or what the room is actually for (hence builders showhomes!)

Can you maximise any parts of your home. An empty box room can become a study, a large landing a reading snug, think outside the box a little and be creative.

Let the Light Shine on:

Make sure all the light bulbs work in your home and give them and the shades a dust down. Wash or clean down blinds, curtains and nets and open them up. Brighter days are here!

Ask the Experts:

Invite us round to give you an accurate market appraisal of your home and we are more than happy to answer any questions and advise on how to help you maximise the sales potential of your home. We have been helping clients sell since 1958 in Kirklees and Calderdale. Its what we do. Here's to a busy bank holiday weekend! 

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