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Are you ready for the summer heatwave?

With the majority of the UK already experiencing sweltering temperatures and extreme weather on the horizon, it comes as no surprise that many homeowners are looking for advice on coping with the hot weather.

As your local agent, we wanted to share some suggestions on how to do just that.

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Here are our top tips to keep your home cool in the British heatwave...

Keep curtains and blinds closed

While it may be tempting to open your curtains to let in natural light, doing so can actually let more heat in, so keep them closed during the hottest hours of the day and you'll find it to be much cooler in your house in the evening.

Keep your windows closed

Opening your windows in the day may sound like a good idea, but doing so encourages the warm air to heat up your house even more. Try to keep them closed until the evening when the cooler air can circulate through your home.

Circulate cool air inside

One of the easiest ways to circulate cool air around your home if you don't have an air conditioning unit is to fill a large bowl with ice and water and place it in front of a fan!

Turn off lights and appliances

A lot of heat is generated by household appliances and lightbulbs, which won't help when you're trying to keep cool, so turn off any lights and tech that isn't being used.

Cool your sheets in the freezer

To prepare yourself for a cooler night, pop your bedsheets in the freezer to cool them down, that way you can settle off to sleep peacefully and not sweltering in the heat!

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