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DIY Day: How to update your home and garden décor

It’s one of most people's lifelong dreams to own their own home. According to a Santander survey of would-be first-time buyers, 9 in 10 young adults aspire to own their own home one day.

Their life goals ranked in order of importance were:

  • Home Ownership (51%)
  • Achieving financial stability (40%)
  • Travelling (29%)
  • Starting a family (27%)
  • Getting married (19%)

One of the best parts about owning your own home is adding your personal stamp to it,  but sometimes it's not possible to spend much on the work towards it. We have collected some helpful tips and tricks to provide you with some DIY home and garden improvement ideas.

Creating your own décor can be so satisfying, here’s our top advice  on how you can decorate your home and garden yourself.

  1. Your front door

Guests are first introduced to the style of your home when stepping through the front door. Your front door is used a lot and therefore is likely to have some wear and tear. Even a simple fresh lick of paint can do the world of good. Whether it’s a repaint to a bright, electric colour, neutral, pastel or a simple but bold black or white, the door will look brand new once painted. Match this with some freshly planted pots or a wreath and your door will look as good as new.


  1. In the kitchen

Let’s look at your store cupboard essentials for this one. We’ve all seen the Pinterest friendly mini pumpkins, rustic looking wood and leaves used seasonally in Autumn - but what about design inspiration for the whole year round? Use your cooking herbs as décor on your tables and shelves. Expert, Amanda Saiontz Gluck, event and décor stylist, uses rosemary at events, 'placing rosemary at each person’s seat smells so fresh and adds a beautiful pop of green to the table'.

Why not use potted herbs on your shelves in the kitchen, reusing tins and tubs that you’ve collected or have in the recycling pile?

  1. In the bedroom

Have you got some old furniture just sitting in the garage or are you bored of looking at the same old worn bedside table? Turn an old table into two unique and useful nightstands. Take an old table, cut it in half, paint it your favourite colour, and put it up against your wall for a quirky take on a bedroom furniture essential.

Don’t just look at the furniture in your bedroom for your next upcycling project -  What about all those unused plant pots in the back garden? With just a few simple steps they can easily be turned into your next piece of statement furniture.. Find a how-to, step by step here.


(Credit: apartment therapy)


  1. In the bathroom

Tiles can become very tired looking when the grout has gone yellow or black due to mould after years of age and dampness. However, if your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, it doesn’t necessarily  mean you need to replace your tiles. You can make a homemade anti-mould cleaning solution by pouring white vinegar  into a spray bottle without watering it down. If you spray this onto the mouldy areas and leave it to sit for an hour before wiping it down, this can bring the grout’s whiteness back. Better still, you could scrape out the old grout and re-do it with new, mould-resistant grout.



  1. In your living room

Are your frames holding your artwork looking a bit shabby, worn out or just boring? What about the sideboard you’ve had for years? You can upcycle  these items  with old jewellery. It’s quite easy to turn those old jewellery pieces into beautiful artwork that can then be displayed throughout your home. You can turn rusty or old fashioned drawer handles into beautiful drawer pulls or a wooden frame to a metallic expensive looking frame by simply adding part of an old broach or chain from a necklace.


(Credit: lovelyetc)


  1. In your hallway

Do you have a bookshelf in your home? Or even some empty looking shelves and a box of old books in the loft? Decorate the bookshelf with your creativity and add a truly personal touch to your home. This is a great way to decorate without spending any money. Organize the books by a rainbow format -having red books, followed by orange and then yellow - You know where this is going.


Creating an inviting outdoor space is key as we head into the warmer months, as it is the place we like to spend a lot of time in when it comes to summer. So, the next few tips will be focussed on the outside of your property.


  1. Entering your garden

Have you got some pallets or leftover wood that you were looking to burn or simply get rid of later? Think outside of the box, they could help make a fab DIY pathway to your garden from the patio.


(Credit: funky junk interiors)

  1. The flower beds

Is your garage full of boxes and containers  that’s just causing endless clutter? Reuse them as DIY flower beds.


(Credit : DIYnetwork)


  1. The fence

The obvious thing to do to freshen up the fence is to paint it but why stop there? Accessorise it with DIY hanging plant pots! Utilise any leftover  tins by repurposing them as flower pots. Or hang your already potted plants by some fancy knotted rope?



  1. The nature

Give birds a safe and reliable way to find fresh water whilst adding some cute décor to your garden by building your own DIY bird bath. Watching your birds coming to your garden for a drink can be quite calming, and a good way to take five minutes if you are having a stressful day.

So there you have it. Ten top tips to help you redecorate your home and garden. Over the next few weeks we will share some insights over on our social media channels with quick top tips to keep you busy at home.

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