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Gemma's ten Interior trends to improve your home

With many homeowners looking to sell their properties this year, considering how you can make your home stand out against competition is of utmost importance.

First impressions help to influence a prospective purchaser’s decisions when deciding to make an offer. Whilst walking around room by room, buyers not only imagine themselves living in the property, they consider the lifestyle that the property offers. Presentation and orientation of the accommodation is key to ensuring as many boxes are ticked on your buyers wish list.

Your qualified Bramleys valuer possesses a keen eye for attention to detail to ensure your home is presented in the right way. With home offices being one of the most important additions to a home given the increase in home working, along with quaint snugs and rustic vibes becoming rising trends, our senior valuer Gemma has collated a selection of inspiring interiors that will help to change the dynamics of your property.


Cottage Core Coziness

This rustic and homely aesthetic became one of the biggest trends of last year. Mixing traditional woods and neutral colours with floral prints can help to create a warm and inviting feel. This trend is perfect for anyone hoping to bring a sense of freedom and nostalgia to their home. There are many different elements of Cottage Core you can add to your home. To get started, avoid using bold and bright colours on walls and replace them with more earthy tones. Using florals prints on soft furnishings such as bedding and curtains and finish with a plain complementary cushion to add a pop of colour.



Snugs Spaces


It's no surprise that after the events of last year, more and more people are looking to add relaxing time-out areas to their homes. Snugs are often separated from the main living space, forming an intimate area commonly used as a dedicated children's area or a private place perfect for reading or meditating. To create that ideal snug feeling, choose a quiet area of your home where you can be away from any distractions. Place comfy seating and add dimmable lighting to keep the ambience throughout the day.


Bringing Nature Indoors

With many of us not getting as much time outside as we'd like, bringing plants and greenery into your home can drastically improve your home and health. Plants provide essential anti-pollutants to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen. It has also been proven that the colour green can boost your mood and make you feel more safe and content, so don't panic if you're far from green-fingered, as artificial plants will still do the trick!



Pantone Colour of the Year 2021


Described as “A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” by Pantone, 2021’s Colour of the Year was a joint win between ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’. The pair is a bright yellow, a perfect mood booster to bring a cheerful summer feel all year round and a neutral grey, which compliments and tones down the bold colour. This scheme is ideal for a bold focal point in a living room or contrasting dark hues in a dining room or kitchen.


Curved Shapes

Curvy shapes and furniture was one of the biggest interior trends and design styles of the 1960s. In the past few years, curves have begun to make their way back into interior design. Rounded sofas and chairs are becoming increasingly popular, replacing sleeker, modern styles. Curved archways and round windows are also making a revival. Creating a more relaxed and organic environment in your home and completely contrasting the structured and artificial minimalist design feel.



Home Offices


With lockdown finally ending and life returning to some normality, many people are likely to continue working remotely. As a result, makeshift desk setups will need replacing with more permanent workspaces. Guest rooms can be transformed into private office areas to create a productive and private work environment. Use cupboards for organised hidden storage and shelves for books, ornaments and plants to add some decor and colour to the room.



Crittall-style, originated in Essex by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittal in 1860, is becoming more prominent in current interior design, often used for windows, doors and room dividers. The industrial design seems most fitting to the modern, contemporary theme many people are looking to have in their homes. The framed, grid-like doors allow you to section off rooms whilst maintaining an open plan layout and letting in plenty of light.



Earth Tones


Many people may be against the idea of using earthy colours in their home as they are often thought to be unattractive, dull colours. However, when partnered correctly with a range of shades and textures, they can create an instant cosy feeling. Moss Greens, murky mustards and burnt oranges can all be classed as earthy tones. They can be used alongside bolder colours to stop rooms from being too overwhelming whilst still maintaining a bright and colour atmosphere.


Colourful Bathrooms

Using bright colours in your home can often be intimidating; however adding even a splash of colour, especially to smaller rooms, can make a massive difference. Colourful bathrooms are becoming more popular in modern style homes contrasting from the traditional all-white colour schemes. You don’t even have to stick to bright colours, deeper tones such as dark blues and greens can be complemented with gold or silver accents to create a more uplifting energy in such essential spaces.


Natural Wood


Taking inspiration from Scandinavian interior design, more people incorporate natural wood into their interiors, not only for flooring but also on ceilings and as statement walls. Using the natural patterns of wood around your home creates a feeling of being one with nature to create a more relaxing home environment. This trend is also becoming more popular due to the push for sustainability in interior design as more people are looking for reusable materials to renovate their homes.



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