Our top 10 most viewed homes in 2022

Our top 10 most viewed homes in 2022
9th January 2023

As we enter 2023, we take a look at the homes that caught the attention of house hunters in 2022, with the most viewings booked. It's safe to say we had a busy sales team at Bramleys last year!

Our top 10 most viewed homes racked up 554 viewings between them.

Our residential partner, Paul Keighley, says: "The most viewed homes range in size, value and location, but the one commonality is that they all make great family homes. There is much talk about recession, but there are always reasons to move home – namely a growing family. We are proud to help people buy a home for their families."

So, take a look at our most viewed homes in 2022:

1. 37 Whitacre Street
This property tops the table, with 71 viewings. We spent more than 35 hours showing people around this home in 2022. It completed for £175,000 in 28 weeks.


2 and 3. 31 Cromarty Avenue and 86 Beech Street
Jointly coming in at number two is 31 Cromarty Avenue in Crosland Moor and 86 Beech Street, which both racked up a whopping 65 viewings each. Cromarty Avenue completed in 26 weeks for £143,000, whilst Beech Street completed in 16 weeks for £120,000.



4. 2 Beadon Avenue
Fourth is 2 Beadon Avenue, with 61 viewings. It completed in 29 weeks for £176,250.


5. 29 Wood Street
29 Wood Street marks midway in our table, with 58 viewings. It completed in 11 weeks for £95,000.


6. 145 Marsh Lane
145 Marsh Lane is sixth in the list, with 53 viewings, and was quickly completed in 7 weeks for £311,000.


7. 89 Ledgard Wharf, Mirfield
Seventh is Ledgard Wharf in Mirfield, with 52 viewings. It completed in a short, sharp 7 weeks for £65,000.


8. 60 Gledholt Road
Number eight, 60 Gledholt Road, topped 51 viewings. It took just 17 weeks to complete for £285,000 - popular due to its position across the road from Greenhead Park.


9. 27 Chadwick Fold Lane
Nine on the list, 27 Chadwick Fold Lane in Mirfield, had 48 viewings and completed in just 13 weeks for £115,000.


10. 2 Dorchester Road
Closing the top 10 is this beautiful, grand home in Bradley, which racked up 30 viewings, completing for £550,000 in 12 weeks.


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