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What are people looking for in 2022?

Homebuyer preferences have changed dramatically over the past year. But what is most desirable for 2022?

Recent reports revealed that two-thirds of homebuyers would prefer a single-family detached home over a townhouse in 2022.

Larger homes with access to desired amenities such as outdoor living space have proved increasingly desirable among buyers.

It is very clear that these priorities have had a massive shift as people's preferences and needs have dramatically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. People are living their lives differently so they need to adapt accordingly.


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So what were the top 4 most desired features in a home?

1) Laundry room - A laundry room was rated the top feature by property buyers for 2022.

2) Exterior lighting - Energy-efficient outdoor lighting is sought out by 87% of buyers.

3) Energy star-rated windows - This is desirable with 83% of buyers are looking for this when moving.

4) Outdoor living space - 80% of people are looking for a patio or front porch in their new home.


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The pandemic has resulted in a once in a lifetime reassessment of what people really need and want from their homes.

Lockdown and social distancing have increased the demand for outdoor space. With more of us working from home, and potentially never needing to return to the office.

If your priorities have changed this year and you are looking to move, please get in touch. Either book a valuation or browse our properties below.



*A recent report from the National Association of Home Builders

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